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Avalanche Tactical Training And Conditioning
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About us

Avalanche Tactical Training And Conditioning was created to provide training and advice on personal security & defense and personal fitness & nutrition. We strive to prepare individuals to avoid threats and dangerous situations through a foundation of solid situational awareness and recognition of pre incident indicators that precede violent encounters. In the event of being caught in a violent situation, you NEED to be able to address it. We can help you develop the soft and hard skills needed to do so. Combining awareness, tactics and combat skills with personal fitness and proper nutrition, we will empower you to be confident and courageous as you navigate life in todays society. Be safe. Live ready. AVALANCHE everything in your path!


Owner/operator CHRIS GESSNER is a certified personal trainer &  certified advanced sports and exercise nutritional advisor who has been a student of various forms of hand to hand combat including wrestling, combat ju jutsu, Brazilian ju jutsu, boxing and military based combatives. A licensed security services provider who is also an an active member of Canadian Armed Forces Army reserves, an Alberta Solicitor General accredited instructor in Control Tactics and Survival Skills, empty hand knife defense, tactical baton and handcuffing techniques and a member of the International Association of Close Protection Officers. 

Chris has made personal security and fitness a major part of his life and can help you learn to be confident in a world in which violence and uncertainty is so pervasive.


What is an AVALANCHE? An avalanche is a force of nature that when it’s in motion, can destroy everything in its path. It’s cold, brutal and unstoppable. An avalanche picks up anything in its course and uses these things to add to the destruction it leaves in its wake.

In an unprovoked, violent attack, you must AVALANCHE the situation!

Gross motor, high impact techniques combined with explosive power and endurance will give you the tools you need to turn the predator into prey when time is critical. Avalanches are among the most serious objective natural hazards to life and property due to their destructive capabilities; you must have that effect on an attacker when your life depends on it.

About us

Avalanche Tactical Training And Conditioning exists to provide citizens with the physical and mental capabilities to face a hazardous world with confidence.

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